No Other ‘Cars’ Spinoff Series Currently in Development

cars spinoff

Cars on the Road is the first non-short collection from Pixar and their first true venture into long-form storytelling on Disney+. It’s a big step with a popular franchise that has been a merchandising paradise for the House of Mouse. So, it wasn’t too surprising that the franchise would return with a new series but it looks like they are still trying to test the waters before rolling out more.

Director Bobby Podesta has pointed out during Cars on the Road‘s official press release that there are currently no other series based on Cars in any form of development. It seems that we’ll only get to enjoy the road trip of Mater and Lightning McQueen for now.

Well, we don’t have any Cars series in the making as of this moment, I’ll say that. But we would love to make more. And the schedule was we made the whole series in about a year and a half, which is a pretty tight timeline for Pixar to make this, you know, this amount of content.

Bobby Podesta

He doesn’t state that they aren’t interested in exploring more series in this universe, but it seems that Pixar is taking it one step at a time. Also highlighting that the series was made in a record time of “a year and a half” could also be one of the reasons they want to see how it pays off in viewership. Even with a younger demographic, there’s a chance some kids will love this series and watch it over and over again. One of Frozen‘s big selling points even to this day was just how much kids loved playing it on loop.

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