‘Nobody’ Producer Confirms Sequel Will Film Next Year

A sequel to ‘Nobody’ is officially in the works according to producer Kelly McCormick, and production is expected to kickoff next year.

Bob Odenkirk is back in the butt-kicking business. Last year, the fan-favorite actor starred in Nobody, an original action film by John Wick producers David Leitch and Kelly McCormick and director Ilya Naishuller. The story centered around Odenkirk‘s Hutch Mansell, a former government assassin who is inspired to come out of his dull retirement when a group of mob-affiliated burglars threatens his family. Nobody quickly became a surprise hit with audiences, and in August, Leitch stated he was inspired to work on a script for a potential sequel. That was the last update fans had received on the idea until this week when McCormick revealed Nobody 2 is definitely happening and will begin filming as soon as next year.

The news came while McCormick was promoting 87North Production’s latest project, Violent Night, which is now in theaters. Speaking exclusively with Collider, the producer explained that the hope is for Nobody 2 to start rolling cameras by the end of 2023:

We hope to make it [Nobody 2’s production] next year, so fingers crossed. So our theory is you don’t need to make a good sequel just to make a sequel. We need to make a great sequel. And so it’s about making sure that we get it right. And if we do, I think there’s a lot of hope that we can go next year.

Kelly McCormick

Of course, McCormick did not spill any information on the sequel’s plot, but it’s safe to say Odenkirk will return to his role and probably kill some more bad guys. Nobody ended with a teaser that hinted Christopher Lloyd and RZA, who play Hutch’s father and brother, respectively, would have bigger roles in a possible follow-up, a plotline that may be too good for Leitch and company to pass up when the time comes.

Source: Collider

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