‘One Piece’ Creator Offers First Tease of Netflix’s Live-Action Designs

one piece live action

The latest news for Netflix’s live-action adaptation of One Piece has finally arrived with an official statemenr by series creator Eichiiro Oda. Yet, after a close inspection and tease by the cast, it seems there’s a lot more here than just an episode count confirmation.

Emily Rudd, who plays Nami in the live-action adaptation, shared a piece on Instagram that Oda drew Nami with her blue-eyes instead of her usual design. Taking a closer look, there are quite a few changes that actually highlight this is the series creator drawing the live-action cast as the characters.

Taz Skylar’s Sanji also is missing his curly eyebrows, which confirm he will have regular ones throughout the first season. Of course, they could just be to simplify the design for these chibi art style but it is part of his design. They could use the curly eyebrows when he reaches a certain story point to have that original design bleed into live-action.

The other major change is Jacob Gibson’s Usopp has a short nose rather than the elongated one from the manga. It was the one change many expected at the time but there’s always a chance it is slightly longer than normal or they bring it back for comedic bits like a running gag of stuff getting stuck on his nose.

Still, it may just be a tease for now but it’s certainly highlighting that the show’s release is just on the horizon. Here’s hoping that the actual first look isn’t too far off to confirm what they look like in the costumes that already seemed quite close to the original.

Source: Twitter, Instagram

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