‘One Piece’ Director Promises “Great Fights” Alongside “Tears and Laughter”

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While it’s unclear just how long the wait might be until the series finally releases on Netflix, One Piece director Marc Jobst has taken to his Twitter account to hype up what the show has to offer Many long-time One Piece fans will know that while the action is a big part of the franchise, the love that many have for the project comes down to the emotional moments. Jobst made sure to highlight that we’ll definitely get all three in the upcoming series.

It certainly sounds promising if they can truly bring these elements together the way they intend. A while ago, now-showrunner Matt Owens joined the online One Piece community to highlight that these elements are definite when adapting Eiichiro Oda‘s original work that’s been running for 25 years.

The Netflix series has been slowly wrapping up production, as most of the main cast have seemingly already made their way home. Just earlier today, Sanji actor Taz Skylar shared a heartfelt post on Instagram thanking everyone he had a chance to work with on the production, highlighting just how close the team has grown throughout the production of Netflix’s One Piece.

There’s no definite release date or even window for the series; which Netflix commonly only confirms just a few months before it is set to release. Though they started promoting it even before they showed anything from their other big IP adaptation, Avatar: The Last Airbender. With a cast and crew that came together like a family echoing how Oda approaches his stories, it seems it is in good hands.

Source: Instagram, Twitter

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