Open Questions Ahead of ‘Loki’s Second Half

loki open questions

The first three episodes of Loki have been fascinating in their own right. Whether it’s the curiosity about the Time Variance Authority or a look into who Loki really is as a person. So far, it seems that we’re set up for quite the second half. Yet, people felt as if this episode was more filler and halted the overarching plot. I would wager it did the opposite. Here are four important questions moving forward in the series:

  • Sylvie always seems to be ten steps ahead. We’ve seen the various steps of her plans unfold, especially with the manipulation of Hunter C-20’s mind early on in the episode. It creates a boding feeling as if you can’t trust anything. Throughout the episode, the two Loki Variants have plenty of back and forth conversations. They are bickering and even fighting while supposedly stranded on Lamentis-1. I would like to wager there is a chance this adventure is Sylvie simply bending their current predicament. Perhaps even Loki managed to reverse it on her?
  • The big revelations surround the TVA agent’s true identity. They weren’t created by the Time-Keepers, but are Variants from the Sacred Timeline. Owen Wilson‘s Mobius truly believes in everything their work stands for. His words that “Existence is chaos. Nothing makes any sense, so we try to make some sense of it,” reflect the way they almost are. religion. Now that the cat is out of the bag, will it shake the foundation of his beliefs? Most importantly, will it lead to him finally riding a jet ski?


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  • Ravonna Renslayer has some kind of connection to the Time-Keepers. Supposedly, they’ve even been keeping a close eye on Loki’s current antics. Yet, it opens the question of why they haven’t intervened. You would think that all-powerful beings could easily snap these Variants out of existence. Yet, why would they require the TVA in the first place then? Perhaps there is more to their existence and a bigger lie at play.
  • There are quite a few hints at Kang the Conqueror having a hand in the events of this series, or perhaps even surrounding the TVA’s creation. In the comics, he spends most of his time motivated to save his love, Ravonna Renslyer. We know that he’ll appear in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. So, all roads seem to lead to him. Perhaps he is the mastermind pulling the strings behind the curtains?

There’s been a lot of time spent getting to know Loki in ways we never have before. The levels of introspection, what he thinks about existence, love, and so much more. Yet, he’s still a Variant at the end of the day. Is he going to be able to trick his way out of this to survive, or is he destined to be erased? It seems that he might end up as a pawn in a grander story, but the series never forget who is its protagonist. It would make one think that the amount of time spent with the character there’s more to this story past this season. There’s no doubt that either way, it’s going to be fascinating to watch.

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