Oscar Isaac Looking Forward to Bringing the Midnight Sons to the MCU

With the debut of Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight just under two weeks away, star Oscar Isaac is already looking ahead to the future of the character. The series, which was recently screened by critics, is said to have very little connective tissue to the rest of the MCU, allowing it to explore some new ground. Without ties to Captain America, Captain Marvel, Thor or the Hulk, Marc Spector is free to make his own friends down the road.

In an interview with The CineGeek, Isaac was asked about which friends he would like to see Moon Knight make down the road, and his answer will make comic fans FIRED up:

Interviewer: “My last question: I’d like to see Moon Knight with two other Avengers characters. Which two characters would you like to have as teammates?

Isaac: “The truth, for me, more than the Avengers, is the Midnight Sons. Imagine, with Punisher, Ghost Rider, Daredevil… I think that would be a very interesting group.

Fans have been clamoring for the arrival of the Midnight Sons, a team of heroes who take on some of the darker, more supernatural threats in Marvel Comics, since the announcement of the Moon Knight project. Isaac is certainly no stranger to the team and lists off the makings of an interesting squad, including Daredevil, who was once rumored to make a cameo appearance in Moon Knight.

The team has always been a bit of a revolving door, but if there is one character associated with it most often, it’s another one name dropped by Isaac: Ghost Rider. Rumors of Marvel Studios circling an actor for the role of Ghost Rider have kept the character in the discussion and Isaac naming him here will only keep it going.

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