Owen Wilson Confirmed as Mobius M. Mobius in ‘LOKI’

The Loki trailer presented at the Disney Investor Day presentation was full of major reveals, such as the fact the the Lord of Lies will likely go before the Council of Kangs. One thing that I personally missed upon first viewing was confirmation that Owen Wilson was confirmed to play a member of the TVA’s middle management, Mobius M. Mobius.

Thanks to closed captioning, the mystery of who Wilson will portray in the series had been revealed and I think I speak for fans around the world when I say, “WOW!” The character of Mobius is an interesting one whose appearance is based on Marvel Comics writer and one-time editor Mark Gruenwald and was one of many cloned TVA management workers. It’s occurred to me that given Wilson’s alleged comedic chops, Marvel Studios might have the man portray several of these cloned characters which would be an interesting time for a guy who has admitted he’s never taken himself that seriously as an actor.

Loki is set to stream on Disney Plus in May of 2021.

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