Paramount’s ‘Vertigo’ Remake Eyeing Robert Downey Jr.

vertigo remake

Remakes are still a thing and it seems iconic films by directors like Alfred Hitchcock won’t be able to avoid it either. Paramount is seemingly trying to revive his iconic film Vertigo and may have already found its lead. It seems that Robert Downey Jr. might be the one to take on the role of the former police detective that ends up with a fear of heights and, you guessed it, vertigo.

Steven Knight, who is most known for his work on See and Peaky Blinders, will write the script for the project. He’s been getting quite a few high-profile projects given he was also hinted at taking over the latest Star Wars film that was first written by Damon Lindelof. It seems that Davis Entertainment will be producing the project alongside Team Downey.

It’s definitely an interesting film to adapt, and we’ll see how they bring it into the modern era. Downey Jr. hasn’t had a major role in some time, which makes this quite an interesting project to bring himself back into the spotlight. We’ll see if he can live up to the legacy left behind by James Stewart with his performance in the original film.

Source: Deadline

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