RUMOR: Lucasfilm No Longer Developing ‘Indiana Jones’ Disney+ Series

indiana jones series

Another day, another rumor as Jeff Sneider has shared something rather curious about the direction Lucasfilm might be heading in. According to his latest tweet, the recently hinted Indiana Jones Disney+ series may no longer be in development. We first heard about the project back in November of last year. Yet, the project never had any talent included and was simply an idea that was being developed very early in its development.

So, who knows if the project was ever far enough in development? Lucasfilm has a notorious track record of announcing a variety of projects but never truly following through as of late. Sneider also mentions that they are going to focus more on Star Wars, which is likely more reactionary to recent developments with their lack of cinematic output.

Disney has been refocusing its efforts. While they aren’t scrapping Disney+ projects, they are definitely trying to ensure that they are pushing out projects that’ll ensure they can make a direct return on investment. Star Wars, one of the most well-known IPs in cinematic history, hasn’t had a film since 2019 and every other announcement was scrapped at some point, it’s no wonder Disney wants them to focus on something.

There’s always the chance that they are just waiting to see how successful Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny turn out. Fast-tracking a project has been the biggest stress factor for many streaming services hoping to build their next cinematic universe. So, if Lucasfilm can’t even get Star Wars running, they are likely not going to be able to push forward with other projects.

Source: Twitter

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