‘Peacemaker’ Shot Five Episodes Before Recasting Role of Vigilante

During a recent interview to promote Peacemaker, writer-director James Gunn revealed they had to recast Vigilante well into production.

Peacemaker is set to release its first three episodes this Thursday on HBO Max, with the series featuring the return of Christopher Smith, better known as the titular anti-hero Peacemaker. Back when the series was still in development it was announced that actor Chris Conrad was set to play the Adrian Chase, aka the Vigilante, a punisher-like Anti-hero who’d sworn revenge on those who break the law following the murder of his wife and children. However, after production had begun on the series it was reported that Conrad had left the project over “creative differences” and Freddie Stroma had been set as the recast for the role.

To promote the HBO Max series, writer-director James Gunn recently sat down with the folks at Screen Rant to talk about the new series and revealed that Stroma came into the series quite late, having already filmed five and a half episodes with Conrad as Vigilante. 

“He came in late. We had already shot five-and-a-half episodes with another actor, who’s an incredible guy, but we were on different pages about certain things and I don’t think he wanted to continue on the series in the long run. And so we brought Freddie in five-and-a-half episodes in, and I reshot all of his scenes.”

James Gunn

Gunn went on to gush about just how much he loved Stroma in the role and how well he worked with John Cena as Peacemaker.

“Freddie is just amazing, and the chemistry between him and John is fantastic. Freddie is so good at… he’s such a sociopath, he’s such a psychopath and yet sweet at the same time. There’s an innocence to him despite the fact that he does these horrible things and is completely lacking in empathy and feelings in a way that Peacemaker is not.”

James Gunn

While it is odd for an actor to depart a series that’s nearly complete, it does happen. Creative differences could push many productions into hiatus, thankfully, though, Gunn and company were quickly able to recast the role. Still, it’s a shame to know things didn’t work out for Conrad, although fans will get to see what Stroma brings to the role when Peacemaker debuts on Thursday.

SOURCE: Twitter

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