Peyton Reed Shares First ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quanumania’ Production Image From ‘The Mandalorian’s Volume

ant-man 3 production

It looks like the third entry in the Ant-Man and the Wasp series is finally entering production. Director Peyton Reed took to Twitter to share an image teasing as they prepare for the threequel’s production. In it, he also confirms that they will be using the Volume. It is a 20 feet tall, 270-degree stage that allows ILM to create the backgrounds during production. Instead of adding them into the film through post-production and green screens, they create a space that allows the actors to interact with CG backgrounds. It is the next evolution step from classic green screens that offers a new experience for those involved.

Of course, Ant-Man’s shrinking abilities are perfectly suited for production in the Volume. We may get to explore the world from a new perspective through this technology. It may also be an easier way to film sequences in the Quantum Realm, which will have a larger role going by the title. It is uncertain if the snow background shown in the image will be used in the film. As they are only preparing, they may be testing out different environments as they get a feel for this new technology.

There was also the filming that took place in Turkey a few months ago. At the time, the Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, revealed they were filming in the country. Of course, there were no sightings of the actors at the time. As such, they may have been filming background sets that’ll get used for pre-viz and the Volume. Instead of purely relying on digital backgrounds they can use pre-shot footage to add more realism to the backgrounds. It’ll be exciting to see how much they share from the production and their experiences with the technology.

Source: Twitter, TechCrunch

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