‘Prey’ Director on How the Disney-Fox Merger Delayed the ‘Predator’ Prequel

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In a few days, we’ll finally get our hands on the latest entry in the Predator franchise, Prey. The project is taking a very different direction this time around to offer something unique, as it’ll act as a prequel to the long-running R-rated franchise. Dan Trachtenberg has taken over directing duties on the eight entries in the franchise, and shares that he’s been actively working on this project since his work on 10 Cloverfield Lane.

In the official press conference for the Hulu Original release, Trachtenberg got a chance to share just how the film came together and what led to it taking as long as it did, mostly pointing at the Fox-Disney merger being one of the many reasons that it took as long as it did to release it.

Why now? Because it just took this long to make this movie. I started developing this maybe a year after 10 Cloverfield Lane came out. And the last movie came out in theaters. And then, the Fox-Disney merger happened. And all of those things really delayed this from getting going. But the main inspiration behind it was sort of a confluence of a couple things. One was really wanting to make a movie that was primarily action-driven, mainly told visually, but not wanting to that just be fun, just be a good time, to wanna inject that with heart and emotion.

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It’s unknown just how many projects may have been affected by the merger, as Disney did end up carrying quite a few to release. There has been a noticeable trend that productions under the 20th Century Studios brand are slowly becoming streaming exclusive releases. though one could also easily make the point that the pandemic has also led to the influx of streaming originals that eventually led to the current productions still releasing as mapped out. We’re seeing a few more finally hit theaters and it’s hinting at a new shift for the franchise.

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