Producer Stephen Broussard Teases Marvel Studios Next-Gen Team-Ups

Marvel Studios’ Phase 4 introduced audiences to more than a dozen new heroes, many of whom are (or on track to become) legacy heroes in the MCU. Kate Bishop and Yelena Belova have stepped into their respective roles as Hawkeye and Black Widow and Riri Williams is primed to become the MCU’s new Armored Avenger. Marvel Studios’ latest project, Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, will see another legacy hero added to that list as Cassie Lang, who has long hoped to be a superhero like her Dad, will finally suit up.

There’s definitely a pattern forming and while it doesn’t only include young legacy characters (Sam Wilson has taken on the mantle of Captain America, there’s a new Hulk in Jen Walters and Jane Foster served as Thor for a spell), they certainly seem to be at the forefront. According to Quantumania producer Stephen Broussard, Cassie’s emergence as a hero is something inherent in the DNA of the Ant-Man franchise and not necessarily connected to the larger plan. “I think it’s very germane to the Ant-Man film because it’s a generational film,” said Broussard. “The Ant-Man mantle gets passed down from Hank to Scott and now essentially to Cassie, who’s almost more of like the new Ant-Man, even though she doesn’t go by such, more so than the new Wasp.

Still, fans of the comics can see a pattern within the pattern of the young heroes being added to the MCU. Now that Cassie has assumed her mANTle as a hero, she joins Kate Bishop, America Chavez and Elijah Bradley as members of the comic book team known as the Young Avengers who have made their way into projects in the Multiverse Saga. WandaVision introduced and took away Billy and Tommy Maximoff, but with Joe Locke set to bring Billy Kaplan into the mix in Agatha: Coven of Chaos, it seems likely that Tommy Shepherd won’t be far behind. Should Teddy Altman and the Kang Variant Iron Lad make their way into upcoming projects, all the original Young Avengers (and then some) would be present and waiting for their team-up.

While Broussard denies that a Young Avengers project is in the works, he does admit that a pattern is emerging. “But a lot of Phase Four was about introducing the next generation and introducing new characters,” said Broussard. And if the Young Avengers are all hanging out in the MCU, wouldn’t it make sense for them to team-up? Broussard agrees it would be a good idea and teases it’s probably on the table. “I think that’s one of the themes that the next generation reminds us,” Broussard said of the idea of these heroes finding each other and working together, adding “and that would be exciting to explore with Cassie going forward, or with any of the new characters, like Kate Bishop. People like that, who have inherited the mantle, and keeping to fight the fight, and make the world a better place.”

In summary, Broussard said that yes, they wanted to introduce the Young Avengers in the Multiverse Saga and that yes, they’d like to see them all team up but no, there’s no Young Avengers project in the works. We hear you loud and clear, Stephen.

Source: Inverse

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