Reason for ‘House of the Dragon’ Showrunner’s Departure Revealed

house of the dragon showrunner

Shortly before the first season of House of the Dragon aired, one of its showrunners, Miguel Sapochnik, left the series. At the time, it left many scratching their heads on why exactly he ended up leaving the sure-fire hit series behind but most assumed he might have other projects he’s looking forward to tackle. Yet, it seems that the story is quite a bit different than initially expected.

Puck has revealed that the reason Sapochnik left House of the Dragon was due to his wife, Alexis Raben. HB seemingly denied her request of once again joining the producing team for the next season, which is surprising considering she already had a role in the first. She also appeared throughout four episodes of the series, but it seems that not allowing her to join the production was his main reason for leaving the HBO series.

There might be more details to the reasoning he left and why HBO would deny her involvement, but the show is still moving forward with a second season. Sapochnik’s farewell to the project was shared in a more positive light, but that could’ve just been a way to ensure this information doesn’t find its way online. It should be noted that Alan Taylor, a long-time Game of Thrones veteran, has joined the production around the time Sapochnik‘s leave was announced, but Ryan Condal remains as its sole showrunner now.

Source: Puck

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