Report Reveals Emilia Clarke’s ‘Secret Invasion’ Role

Some of the earliest set photos from Marvel Studios Disney Plus streaming series Secret Invasion showed star Emilia Clarke sharing scenes with Cobie Smulders‘ Maria Hill and an unknown character played by Kingsley Ben-Adir. The photos spurred speculation about who Clarke might be playing in the spy thriller with names like Abigail Brand and Jessica Drew thrown around online. Now it seems Clarke’s role has been uncovered and it’s not one that people seemed to be expecting.

According to insider Daniel RPK, Clarke is playing a Skrull named G’iah, first introduced in Marvel Comics in the 2019 limited series Meet the Skrulls. Interestingly enough, nearly a year ago, G’iah’s husband, Klrr, was included in a speculative piece about who some of the series’ villainous Skrulls might be. In the comics, Klrr and G’iah, along with their 3 children, served the Skrulls as spies within Stark Industries and worked to sow the seeds of a second Skrull invasion of Earth.

It would not be surprising to see Meet the Skrulls serve as inspiration for at least part of Secret Invasion, especially given who Clarke’s character was seen interacting with on set. Should she truly be G’iah, it would appear from the set photos, where she seemed to be very friendly with Maria Hill, that she’s been on Earth for a while and developed some solid relationships with powerful and influential people. That’s assuming Hill was actually Hill and not a Skrull herself. After all, who do you trust?

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