REPORT: Runtime for ‘Ms. Marvel’s First 2 Episodes Revealed

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As first reactions are hitting the web from Ms. Marvel, we also get some teases on what the first two episodes have to offer for those excited to check out Marvel Studios’ latest project. There’s always some excitement, or even uncertainty, about the runtime of these episodes as Marvel Studios has not truly broken beyond the one-hour mark with its drama series. It looks like the same can be said for the

The first episode of Ms. Marvel will be 47 minutes long with the sequel running for two minutes longer. As per usual, it also includes the usual credits that are different depending on what region you are from, as they also include the local dub actors. So, keep that in mind if the runtime is slightly off in your local region.

The runtime discussion has been an interesting one, as many have gotten the feeling that Marvel isn’t using more time to fully explore these stories. As we’re seeing these projects as quite new for Marvel Studios, who mainly focused on three cinematic productions per year. As they expand, they likely have to adjust to it and we’ll see how they learn moving forward.

Ms. Marvel will explore the story of Kamala Khan. A young teenager who looks up to the heroes she grew up admiring, only to suddenly gain a special ability of her own. As the Pakistani-American tries to find out what she is truly capable of, Khan also has to balance her studies, avoiding high school’s usual trappings and the watchful eye of her family.

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