REPORT: ‘The Mandalorian’s Season 3 May Have Already Started Production

mandalorian season 3

Just recently, we finally got the first poster for this year’s The Book of Boba Fett. The first spinoff of The Mandalorian, which kicked off Disney’s new streaming venture. Its placement did also push back the third season of the Pedro Pascal-led series. There have been various reports regarding its potential production start, but never an official word. At one point, it seemed to be eyeing a late 2021 start so that it can hit its 2022 release.

At one point, even Carl Weathers confirmed it would kick off in September, but there hasn’t been a word since. Luckily, it seems Bespin Bulletin might be able to confirm they’ve already started a week ago. In their latest tweet, they’ve shared a small production update and confirmed Pedro Pascal, who is currently busy filming The Last of Us for HBO, hasn’t been on set yet.

It’s interesting that they might end up filming at a train yard in October. A public filming spot could lead to set photos finding their way online confirming the production. While it’s not too surprising that Pascal isn’t involved with production just yet, as they’ve filmed big pieces from previous seasons without him, here’s hoping he does join production at some point. The end of the last season hinted that he may take off his mask more often, but who knows if it was just a special moment for Grogu. We cannot wait to see how they might mix things up with the upcoming season.

Source: Twitter

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