Retailer Leaks ‘Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory’ November Release Date

In June, we got the official announcement for the latest entry in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. It sadly isn’t an entry in the mainline, which fans are still anticipating. This latest game, as the subtitle Melody of Memory teases, will be a rhythm-action game. It lets you play through the iconic music from the franchise while taking down Heartless. It was revealed in their Kingdom Hearts 2020 video without a definite release date. Sadly, it was uncertain when exactly we could expect this spin-off. Well, looks like an Austrian retailer GameWare has accidentally leaked it online, as Twitter user Ezereal shared. Seems the game is going to be released on November 13th.

It isn’t uncommon for retailers to create placeholders for upcoming games. Sometimes, they do so just in case an announcement is made. Yet, this is a little to exact to just be a placeholder. While checking is still listed on the Austrian site. Just to make sure, I checked others but this is currently the only platform it is listed. We haven’t had an official announcement yet, so there is a good chance it might be around corner if this has been shared with retailers.

As a Kingdom Hearts fan myself I am quite excited to get my hands on it. At first, it seemed like a spin-off but fans know better. During the 2020 video, we got glimpses of what seems to be a bridge towards the next major entry. Kairi might be taking center stage as they Kingdom Hearts 3 did tease that they are using her memories to find Sora. It’s been a big year for the game with the release of the Re:Mind DLC and the mobile game Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road. Here’s just hoping the wait for the next main entry won’t take another 14 years like last time.

Source: Square-Enix, Twitter, GameWare

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