REVIEW: Jackass Forever Blu-Ray w/ Bonus Features

Jackass returns! Fans of the franchise will want to pick up a Blu-Ray copy of Jackass Forever, if only for the bonus content.

The Jackass crew is back! After Jackass 3, fans of the franchise have been eagerly been awaiting the return of the Jackass crew. There were plenty of bumps along the way, but the film finally arrived in theaters this past February. After a pretty successful run at the box office followed by its release on Paramount+, the movie finally arrived to purchase on digital, and now Blu-Ray with some bonus features, including some never-before-seen stunts that didn’t make it in the final cut of the film.

Jackass Forever is definitely the Jackass fans know and love with some new faces added to the mix. The franchise has always pushed the boundaries of what audiences are willing to accept in a film, from the original Jackass‘ infamous butt x-ray to Jackass 3‘s poo cocktail supreme. Unsurprisingly, Jackass Forever takes things even further, and is not for the feint of heart. After all, there is a penis dressed as a Godzilla type monster in the opening scenes.

While Jackass 3 remains the pinnacle of the series in terms of pacing, Jackass Forever certainly ups the ante in terms of stunts. The latest film is sure to bring fans back to the old days of watching this group of guys perform outlandish stunts with makeshift ramps, to now having the budget to build a human cannon that seemingly stands 50 feet in the air. It has definitely been a massive evolution, but it begs to question whether it really was for the better. While the advancements have been amazing to see, it is hard not to wonder if some of the hook of the original, being normal guys make-shifting stunts and pranks, was lost because of it. 

On top of the original film, the Blu-Ray release is packed with bonus features. It comes with 16 deleted scenes that include a VR prank and extended looks at some of the pranks done in the film. What stands out most is that, while the film added multiple new cast members, we never really got to know them the same way we got to know the original crew. Thankfully, the deleted scenes do managed to provide fans with more footage of the new cast. Unfortunately, that’s not nearly enough to help keep fans interested in the new cast. Rather than include the various celebrity cameos in the film, surely these new characters could have received the spotlight instead of being shoved to the bonus features.

Jackass Forever on Blu-Ray is definitely worth the purchase for any Jackass fans out there. If you loved the film, you get more of what you’d expect. While the film’s release made it seem like this was the end of the franchise, one might wonder if the new cast members are a look into the next evolution. You can currently purchase Jackass Forever on Blu-Ray and Digital, or stream it without bonus features with your Paramount+ subscription.

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