REVIEW: ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ Part 4

obi wan kenobi part 4 review

We’re already more than halfway through the limited series focusing on Obi-Wan Kenobi‘s story before his eventual final confrontation with Darth Vader. The fourth episode picks up right where the last one kept us, as Reva got her hands on Leia and Obi-Wan ended up getting a bit burnt by his former Padawan. As he seeks to save her from whatever the Empire has planned for the young girl, he seeks a find a way to get her out of the Inquisitor’s home base. Yet, can it build up from the highpoint that was last week’s first confrontation between former master and padawan?

The opening is a powerful one by having Kenobi in a Bacta tank (The Book of Boba Fett is going to sue) echoing the experiences of Anakin. As he was also burned by his former protégé and now going through a similar, even if brief, experience, there’s something powerful about the parallels the show is pulling. The former Jedi Master’s journey generally has been one faced with hardship and him trying everything he can to save Leia was heartwarming, especially after the bond they built in the last episode.

It’s a surprisingly short episode with barely 40 minutes, and it goes by quite fast. Kenobi uses the help of some smugglers that help out Jedi younglings to safety to break into the Inquisitors’ home base known as Inquisitorius. Together with Indira Varma‘s Tala, he sets out to find some way to save Leia as he takes some cues from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order where Cal Kestis also used an underwater passage to enter the area.

The backdrop of Inquisitorius was great, as the slick design offered some visually stunning sequences. Plus, Obi-Wan trying to sneak around is not something I expected in the show. The big highlight was that after being “forced” to pull his lightsaber in the last episode, he’s slowly embracing it more and more. Ewan McGregor continues to highlight the inner turmoil without much dialogue.

Varma‘s Tala is a great addition, and we’re slowly uncovering the first sparks of rebellion to face the Empire. The ending moments especially highlight that very development and there was some fun with the last-minute save. Though the show still sometimes struggles with action sequences as the way it was shot, it looked a bit off when the two ships came rushing in as it cuts before they slow down creating the illusion they just rammed into the spire’s landing zone. Still, the emotional moment was surprisingly gripping and the line of them becoming soldiers highlights that this is indeed what would become the Rebels one day.

The lightsaber sequences were a highlight though this time around. It’s strange that it took this long for anyone to actually use darkness in combination with a lightsaber to make them stand out even more, but the lighting effects were beautifully done. A small detail that was well hidden is that the more he used his lightsaber, the more fluid Obi-Wan’s movements got highlighting that he’s slowly regaining his old self. I wouldn’t be surprised if his final battle is him doing the same flips he did in the Prequel trilogy.

Reva gets quite the spotlight and it doesn’t seem like they are going down a redemption arc with her character. Ingram gives a great performance and her character highlights the more traditional understanding of a Sith. Potentially her arrogance might be the eventual undoing of the Inquisitors, to begin with, but we’ll see. She pretty much dominated the Sith side, as Vader had a much smaller role this time around but he does know how to make an entrance as per usual. Fifth Brother also mostly appears at random times to be annoyed by his co-worker.

Overall, the episode pushes the story forward and seemingly sets up the final arc as we’re building up to another showdown between Obi-Wan and Vader. The show’s pacing is generally a bit more relaxed and it was surprising on how fast the new episode moved. Outside of the flight sequence, the action was much stronger this time around and it’s going to be exciting to see where the series is heading in its final two episodes. While it isn’t a mind-blowing show, there’s a strong emotional core and great character development at play. Here’s hoping that it pulls it all together by the end of the series.

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