Richard Harmon Joins ‘The Flash’ as Captain Boomerang For Final Season

“The 100” actor Richard Harmon is set to play Captain Boomerang in the final season of the CW’s “The Flash.”

The Flash is going out with a boomerang. The ninth and final season of the hit CW series has added Richard Harmon to its cast as the villainous Captain Boomerang, a longtime rival of the Scarlet Speedster from DC’s original comic books. According to The CW’s official description, Harmon will play a new version of the baddie in a post-Crisis world. Instead of Digger Harkness, who was played by Nick E. Tarabay in earlier seasons of the show before being killed off in the fifth season of Arrow, this Boomerang will be known as Owen Mercer, after the comic character of the same name. Harmon’s villain will be portrayed as a recently released inmate of Iron Heights, with a chip on his shoulder and a twinkle in his eye that disguises a dangerous and violent threat to Central City.

Harmon is best known for his role as John Murphy on another CW hit series, The 100. He has also appeared on Smallville, Fox’s Fringe, SyFy’s Van Helsing, AMC’s The Killing, Showcase’s Continuum, and the recently released horror movie, Margaux. In the comics, Harmon’s Mercer was the son of the first Captain Boomerang. It’s unknown if The Flash will go this route for the series, although it seems unlikely. Either way, it’s nice to see the series finding a way to include one of its hero’s greatest nemesis in his last television outing.

Grant Gustin will reprise his role as the title character for the shortened ninth season, so expect a few dramatic moments between him and Harmon before the curtains close on Barry Allen’s story.

Source: Deadline

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