Robert Pattinson’s Returns to ‘The Batman’ Set in BTS Photos

The Batman was one of the first series to enter production after the pandemic has calmed down. It took some time but it seemed we were slowly returning to normalcy. We all knew there would always be the risk that the production set could be hit at any time. Suddenly, the news dropped that Robert Pattinson had been tested positive and the production shut down. Now, a month later we heard rumblings of the production slowly returning to normal. Now, we got our first look at the set that also includes the confirmation that Pattinson has returned to the set. The Daily Mail shared some photos from Liverpool’s George’s Hall. They confirmed that it will be used as Gotham’s City Hall, as a sign was sighted outside of the building.

It is great to see that he is healthy again. It seems like they are filming a sequence we’ve already seen a part of from the first trailer that was released during DC FanDome.¬†Pattison‘s suit seems to closely match what we’ve seen in that scene, especially the black tie. The scene they are filming seems to take place during the funeral scene where a man drives a car into the building. Gotham P.D. is on stand-by outside to keep the place safe. So, this could take place after the bomb threat, so that they can hold a public funeral. It could also be before the events from the trailer, as they might be making sure whoever killed him won’t strike again. If that is the case, they did not do a good job going by what follows in the film’s first trailer.

There are also set photos from Twitter user @yassinfinite that may give us our first look at Riddler’s goons in the film. The dead giveaawy is the big question mark on their back.

The set photos also give us a first look at Bruce’s vintage ride. The Daily Mail calls it a Batmobile, but it just seems like the car he uses for his day persona. In the past, we’ve seen Batman drive a lot of fancy modern vehicles, so this car highlights the gothic nature of this incarnation. Moreover, it may also be a tribute to the 60s vehicle as a nice Easter Egg for the film. I love the visual approach they are taking with this film. The film sadly was delayed, but it gives them enough time to shoot the footage they need without the worries of constant delays. We hope that everyone on set remains healthy and safe in these troubling times.


Source: Daily Mail, Twitter

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