‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ Ramping up Production in Prague

Over the past few days, “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” (2021) production moved to Prague for some more shoots and takes for the upcoming Disney+ limited series. We know that as of now, they’re still trying to complete production and we don’t know exactly how far along the team is production-wise. But a local site has been keeping us to date on all of the things the team shoot and film for the show. And most recently, it seems that they started filming some action sequences involving Sebastian’s Stan double for the show, some wires, and a sequence involving a bridge.




Now in these videos above, we can see Sebastian Stan’s double performing a sort of stunt sequence involving some wirework, along with a drone camera capturing another angle to the scene. According to the page and their sources, the production team was shooting “a chase scene close to National Theater – one of the main historic sites of Prague.” Neither Sebastian Stan nor Daniel Brühl (who plays Baron Zemo) are in Prague but sources say they will be arriving at a later date. Currently, Anthony Mackie & Wyatt Russell are already there in Prague for production. Another very important thing to note is that Adepero Oduye was seen on the premises of production. We’ve already discussed her joining the cast back in November. Her role still remains unknown, however, we’ve caught wind that the Oduye’s character will be “someone close to Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson.”


Another interesting tidbit from the set photos is that they were able to confirm that a part of the plot in Prague will be set in Riga, the capital city of Latvia, based on the street signs and the Latvian police cars.


Now apart from that chase sequence, there was also another production unit stationed at the Troja Bridge and “a road in the countryside where production shot a scene with armed vehicles.”




Stay tuned for more updates.


Source: Fandíme Filmu, Instagram

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