Rosario Dawson Teases Live-Action Sabine Wren for ‘Ahsoka’ Series

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Star Wars has quite a bright future ahead of it. Just today, a brand new open-world game was announced as Lucasfilms starts expanding beyond their EA deal. The Mandalorian kicked-off a slew of brand new series for Disney’s newest streaming service after being a key factor in its launch. It all seems to be going well for the service and all eyes are on its future. Among the many announced shows, many are excited to further explore the story of Ashoka Tano. The character was first introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. After a mixed reception, she grew into one of the show’s most popular characters.

Just last year, she finally made her live-action debut on The Mandalorian‘s second season. Rosario Dawson took on the character’s role for one episode before it was announced that she would get an entire series focused on her. Now, many wondered how her story would interlink with that of Star Wars Rebels. It seemed like her story picks up where that left off, especially after the mentioning of Thrawn during the episode’s climax. Of course, fans will know this also means we would potentially see the return of Sabine Wren, but it was uncertain if she’d make it to live-acton. Well. Dawson liking a tweet reporting on the possibility may add some credence to it:

It makes sense that she would appear in the upcoming live-action show. Ahsoka will focus on her hunting down Thrawn through the galaxy, as he is the only connection she has on the whereabouts of Rebels Ezra Bridger, which was talked bout in Kessel Run Transmissions’ latest exclusive. It seems the original plan was to create an animated sequel to Rebels that would’ve explored his storyline before Jon Favreau convinced Dave Filoni to continue her story in live-action. It seems that the sequel was already well into production, as they were unsure how successful Din Djarin’s adventures in The Mandalorian would turn out at the time. There may still be a chance that these animated sequences are released in some form or another if they already worked on them. Perhaps some of it was reworked as part of the upcoming animated The Bad Batch series so they don’t lose the existing assets. Dawson‘s like of a report on Wren is just the icing on the cake for how this story may unfold.

Source: Twitter, YouTube, ComicBookMovie

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