RUMOR: ‘Black Adam’ to Feature Eclipso

DC FanDome gave us some major reveals. Yet, somehow Dwayne Johnson‘s Black Adam stood out the most. They gave him an entirely unique set design that matches the tone of the upcoming film. We saw animated artwork showcasing the character’s origin and even the tease of the Justice Society of America. It was a great time to be a fan of the famous DC character. They even seem to be sticking closely to the comic roots, as we will explore Black Adam’s life before he would gain his powers. At one point, he will be imprisoned for his actions in what seems to be an alternative dimension. Well, it looks like The Direct may have gotten their hands on some interesting info regarding that backstory.

According to their sources, Black Adam will include the comic character Eclipso. The character is closely tied as a recurring antagonist of the Justice Society of America. His soul is bound to the Heart of Darkness, which was featured in the teaser video. One can see it floating next to Teth in a short sequence. So, there is a good chance that Eclipso will act as the antagonist of the film with the JSA’s introduction and be the reason he escapes his prison. So far, we don’t know who will be the main antagonist throughout the film. Black Adam will most likely be an anti-villain, so perhaps he will be used by Eclipso in exchange for freeing him. It could make for some interesting drama as he realizes the people he is fighting aren’t actually his enemies.

Source: The Direct

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