RUMOR: Disney Exploring a New Post-Sequels ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy

new star wars trilogy

The future of Star Wars has been somewhat of a mess. The sequel trilogies, which kicked off with Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015, weren’t met with the fanfare that Disney may have hoped for. While the first entry did welcome a generation back into one of the most popular franchises, its two sequels managed to sour the experience. Luckily, Disney+’s launch alongside The Mandalorian opened a new gateway for fans of the originals in a series that felt like a true embrace of what made the franchise a classic. As some projects are getting announced and suddenly shelved, it seems that some plans exist for a new post-Sequel era trilogy.

On the podcast, The Ringer, former Vanity Fair reporter Joanna Robinson revealed that there is some interest in tackling a new trilogy that takes place after The Rise of Skywalker. She even hinted that Disney is actively looking into establishing it and there are even some first hints at what the story might be about. It seems that the interest is to revive the Jedi Order, one that avoids the “absolutes” of its earlier incarnation to allow people attachment. Surprisingly, that concept is currently being explored through the eyes of Grogu on The Mandalorian and its recent spinoff.

It wouldn’t be too surprising that Disney wants to return the franchise to cinemas, especially as projects like Rogue Squadron seemingly lost any steam shortly after its announcement. Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni have been spearheading the current iteration on Disney+. So, they might be likely candidates to potentially tackle a new trilogy, especially given Favreau‘s experience in the cinematic landscape. The franchise might benefit from unshackling itself from the nostalgia that tied down the sequel trilogy to take a completely new direction and explore a very different galaxy, far far away.

Source: The Ringer via DisInsider

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