RUMOR: ‘Doctor Strange’ Sequel Reshoots to Add Cameos From an MCU Show

doctor strange reshoots

Just recently, we learned that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is entering an extended reshoot schedule. The main reasons were accredited to the pandemic having influenced initial production and they’re trying to make up for it. Reshoots aren’t uncommon anymore for films nowadays, especially from Marvel Studios. Yet, it seems like there might be one more reason behind the move and they are trying to add some additional cameos that weren’t possible due to production overlaps.

GWW’s KC Walsh has shared on Twitter that one of the reasoning the production entered reshoots is to work on a pivotal scene. He highlights that they also are trying to add people that were busy filming a show at the time only later to clarify that it was a production from Marvel Studios in response to another tweet. It opens up quite a few questions, as the implication is that the series was being filmed during the time the Doctor Strange sequel was in production. It’s especially noteworthy that it is specifically for a “pivotal scene” in the film.

It’s not the first time a rumor is pointing to a major cameo in the film. There were theories about an Ultron Sentry finding their way in from What If…? alongside Captain Carter. There’s also the connection with Spider-Man opening the film up to potentially directly tying into the events of that film that might spiral the madness mentioned in the film’s title. At this point, it almost seems like anything is possible with whatever the multiverse has to offer.

Source: Twitter, Twitter (MCU Show)

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