New ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Merch Showcases Peter Parker’s Magical Webbing

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We’re still anxiously waiting for any sign of life from Spider-Man: No Way Home. At this point, we know more about the film through merchandise than anything else. It’s been a month since we got our first look at a suit that seemed inspired by the Spider-Man game. The golden-black design stood out from the rest, and it looks like the suit will give our favorite wall-crawler some new magical abilities. Hot Topic has released a new shirt that holds the name”Magic Web.” It confirms that Peter is getting quite the upgrade in the upcoming film.


Marvel Spider-Man: No Way Home Magic Web Hoodie


Interestingly enough, there’s a second shirt that is called the Gold Web Shot with a red variant of his costume, but it’s very likely just a recolor for the shirt. Still, the high-quality look at his magical webs makes you realize that his high-tech suit’s Funko Pop also includes a blue magical circle. So, these two suit designs might be more connected than we think. It’s also interesting that this might be the second version of Spidey to utilize magic in the MCU, as Zombie Hunter Spider-Man wields Strange’s cape in the upcoming What If series.

If we look at other shirts featuring the black-gold costume, it seems that the red lining on his fingertips isn’t always included. It only seems to be available when he uses magic. Perhaps the black suit is connected to these abilities, and his original costume pops out while using it. As more merchandise is finding its way online, it hopefully means we’ll finally get a trailer to see if all these rumors surrounding the film are true.


Source: Hot Topic

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