RUMOR: Dr. Doom Will Not Be ‘Fantastic Four’ Villain

A new rumor suggests that Doom will not be the villain in Marvel Studios’ ‘Fantastic Four,’ leaving the door open for a new big bad.

When Marvel Studios regained the rights to Fox’s roster of characters in 2019, speculation began to run rampant. Starting with its fourth “Phase,” the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be able to include everyone from the X-Men to the Silver Surfer in its films and series, and fans couldn’t wait for their favorite heroes and villains to be introduced. At the top of most people’s wish lists, however, was perhaps the greatest villain ever to grace the page. In the minds of fans, Dr. Victor Von Doom, played by Julian McMahon and Toby Kebbell in previous failed attempts at bringing the baddie to life, had a shot at big screen redemption in the next Fantastic Four. Unfortunately, if the latest rumor from Jeff Sneider is true, that won’t exactly be the case.

In the latest episode of Sneider’s video series Hot Mic, the insider claims that Dr. Doom will not be the antagonist in 2025’s reboot of Marvel’s first family. Instead, he says, Doom will be introduced in the film’s mid-credits scene, setting the villain up for a bigger role in the future of the franchise. If correct, that kicks the door open for a brand-new villain to take the reigns as the Fantastic Four’s initial challenge. Doom has been used as the main threat in both previous live-action origin stories, although he was not part of the group’s first outing in the comics. That honor belonged to the Mole Man, who has yet to appear on film. Perhaps this will be the classic villain’s chance to nab the spotlight, or maybe Kevin Feige and Matt Shakman will opt for something a little crazier – like a trip to the Negative Zone and a bout with Annihilus. Fans will have to wait and find out.

Source: Hot Mic

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