RUMOR: First Hints at ‘Ironheart’s Potential Main Villains

ironheart villain

Marvel Studios is continuing its expansion into Disney+ after a successful first year. Of course, there are quite a few projects in some form of development including the live-action debut of Riri Williams in the Ironheart series. The character is a rather new addition to the Marvel universe and made many wonders what we might expect from her original series. A new rumor is making the rounds that may be our first real hint at who she may be facing.

Some time ago, there were hints that the upcoming project would include Obediah Stane’s child, whose characterization may be inspired by Sam Rockwell‘s portrayal of Justin Hammer. In addition, it seems that the show’s main antagonist might have found its way online as well, as they shared a description hinting at his character being “charming, magnetic, slick, and oily.” What stands out is that he’ll have a “crew” which could hint at a gang leader of some sort.

Illuminerdi believes this description might be a fitting choice for the villain known as Parker Robbins, who works for a crime syndicate and ends up with a magical cloak. It gives him abilities to upgrade his game, but also ended up with him facing off against various heroes and even the Avengers. Of course, with Riri’s tech focus, it’s uncertain if they might also change his origins a bit if it ends up being Robbins, but the magical element would add an interesting twist to the story. Production hasn’t started yet and elements can still change. So, we’ll see how things develop.

Source: Illuminerdi, Illuminerdi

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