RUMOR: Hideo Kojima May Have Gotten a Second Chance to Adapt ‘Silent Hill’

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It’s October and with Halloween a few weeks away, it’s always the perfect time to revisit some horror legends. Oddly enough, it seems that a new rumor is doing the same thing. Since April, there has been a rumor surrounding a potential return of Silent Hill, which may be one of the most iconic horror franchises. Announcement after announcement, the hope for its reveal started to dwindle. Suddenly, a new report hints at remakes of classic Konami franchises resurface, such as Metal Gear Solid 3. So, there’s hope once more that it’s actually happening. A new potential leak on Gematsu may have given us the name of the studio working on it.

According to a posting on Resetera, it seems that the next entry in the Silent Hill series may have found its way to Sony Interactive. It’s been long rumored it would end up as a PlayStation exclusive, but it seems they may have passed it on to the studio of non-other than Hideo Kojima. Yes, the man who originally envisioned Silent Hills, whose cancellation led to him leaving Konami might have gotten a second shot at the franchise. There are no details if he is once again tackling Silent Hills, but only that his production company Kojima Productions is supervising the project.

The original pitch for Silent Hills eventually would morph into Death Stranding. While the game concept evolved into something rather unique, the original P.T., or playable teaser, ended with Norman Reedus appearing as our main protagonist. At the time, he was working alongside Guillermo del Toro and horror mangaka Junji Ito, who both had cameos in Kojima Production’s first game. It was a promising pool of talent that was wasted due to internal politics. Still, if this rumor turns out true, we might finally see Kojima’s approach to horror after all.

Source: Gematsu via ComicBook

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