RUMOR: High Republic-Set ‘Star Wars’ Series in Development at Disney Plus

As the most recent Star Wars streaming series, The Book of Boba Fett, nears the end of its run, a new rumor has emerged about another property being developed for Disney Plus by Lucasfilm. According to a report from Cinelinx’s Jordan Maison, work is underway on a live-action series set during the High Republic era.

Set 200 years or so before the Battle of Yavin, the High Republic is an era in which the Jedi were at their peak and the galaxy existed, more or less, in peace. Stories of the High Republic have been told mostly through a series of novels and comic books, including an ongoing series published by Marvel Comics, but now it seems that Lucasfilm is ready to take the next step and introduce the era to consumers through a streaming series.

According to Maison, the series has been described as “Stranger Things in space” and will focus on a younger group of core characters. Whether or not any of those younger characters will be lifted from the pages of the books and/or comics remains to be seen, but Maison did report that it is expected that one of the writers associated with the publishing side of things will assist with the development of the story.

Lucasfilm is about to begin production on its next two streaming series, Ahsoka and The Acolyte, with the latter rumored to be set near the end of The High Republic Era. With, Ahsoka, The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett set during the New Republic Era, Star Wars fans are in for a treat as the High Republic era stories will introduce them to a whole new cast of characters set in the galaxy far, far away.

Source: Cinelinx

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