RUMOR: ‘Man-Thing’ Halloween Special In Development at Disney Plus

In an era where Marvel Studios is bringing more and more characters to the big and small screens, it looks like another iconic Marvel character may soon be brought to life. ScreenGeek is reporting that Marvel Studios is currently developing a Man-Thing Halloween special for the Disney Plus streaming service. It is rumored that the special will emphasize the horror aspects of the character and turn the Man-Thing special into a full-on horror-themed project.

While Marvel Studios is reportedly looking for a big name to take on the role of Man-Thing, there is no indication at this time of who that might be. The only previous live-action adaptation of the character was the then-Sci Fi channel’s 2005 Man-Thing film, which received poor critical reviews. Fans are bound to be excited by the news of a Marvel Studios revival of the character after almost 20 years.

Man-Thing was introduced in 1971 in Savage Tales #1 and quickly gained popularity leading to his inclusion in other comics, as well as eventually landing his own comic series. Man-Thing centers on Dr. Ted Sallis, a biochemist who is transformed into a large, slow-moving humanoid swamp monster in the Florida Everglades.

While none of the specials have yet debuted, the special format–rather than a series–seems to be gaining momentum at Disney Plus. The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special arrives later this year and a Werewolf By Nightcentered special is also rumored to be in development.

It is also interesting that Marvel is rumored to be focused on making the Man-Thing special a horror-genred project. Horror is relatively new territory for Marvel Studios, but the upcmong Doctor Starnge in the Multiverse of Madness is set to include horror elements from director Sam Raimi. While both Moon Knight and the rumored Werewolf By Night special are also strong contenders to bring darker elements to the MCU.

Source: ScreenGeek

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