RUMOR: ‘Moon Knight’ Currently Casting Two Major Roles

Last week was quite the return to form for Marvel. We got a lot of news for She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel. WandaVision finally got a trailer drop during the Emmys. The only show we barely know anything about is Moon Knight. There was a tease over on Murphy’s Law Podcast latest episode, so be sure to check it out. The last announced Disney+ show has been quiet for a while. Now, The Direct also got the exclusive that two more main roles are being filled. Keep in mind, these characters aren’t confirmed but going by the descriptions are being pinned down. First off, we have a character that sounds like Marc Spector’s best friend Jean-Paul DuChamp.

20-40 (years old), White male. A stereotypical good looking, overly enthusiastic, less intelligent than average but still lovable. Actor must be fluent in French.

The giveaway here is that the character is fluent in French. If DuChamp’s name isn’t a dead-giveaway, his nickname Frenchie certailny nails it. His involvement could also confirm the appearance of the Committee organization. The second character seems to be a character Marlene Alraune, who is a love interest in the comics.

20-35 (years old), all ethnicities, female. A manipulative operative in a secret organization, capable of going from cool and tough to warm and friendly in a heartbeat.

It is interesting that she is tied to a “secret organization” which puts more weight to the theory that the Committee is the main focus of this story. She also makes sense with her father being the one to do research in Egypt. It will be interestig to see how the Committee fits the story. It is a secret organization of anonymous businessmen, who tried to “save” the global economy. Of course, most of their actions are illegal and they tended to hire supernatural characters to help them. They even were in conflict with the character Werewolf by Night. At one point, Moon Knight was on their payroll, so we may see Spector do some quesitonable things thoughout the story. Cannot wait to see what direction they take Moon Knight, and how Khonshu will influence his path of vengeance.

Source: The Direct

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