RUMOR: New ‘Persona 5’ Spinoff In Development for 2024 Release

persona 5 spinoff

Is it raining Persona rumors today? Alongside the recent rumor in regards to Persona 6 eyeing a PlayStation-exclusive release sometime in late 2024, there’s a bit more meat on the bone of this rumor. A video by YouTube Nate the Hate, which has now also been shared on various platforms, has given a tease of what’s to potentially come from Atlus in the coming years.

While the expected Persona 3 Remake and its Xbox Showcase inclusion was mentioned alongside Persona 6, there’s one part of this story that has a few question marks on just how much Atlus has been working on behind the scenes. Supposedly, they have also been busy on another Persona 5 spinoff, which may see a release in 2024.

Now, it remains a rumor and there’s already the mobile spinoff in development titled Persona 5: Phantom X, but supposedly this is a separate game that is in some form of development. It’s unclear what type of spinoff this is, as they could go down the Arena route to have characters from the last three games battle each other as they did with Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax.

Of course, it might also just be Phantom X that is being referenced but that only recently was in an Alpha phase. Plus, it’s not confirmed for a release outside of China at the moment. So, we’ll have to see what exactly this will entail and how it might tie into the original franchise. Persona 5 Strikers is a direct sequel to the original Persona 5 while Persona 5 Royal is an extended remaster of that version that hasn’t received a direct sequel by now. äso, who knows if the P5-verse is about to get even more confusing.

Source: Resetera, Gaming Deputy, YouTube

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