RUMOR: ‘Persona 6’ Eyeing Late 2024 Release, Next-Gen Only

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The rumor mill surrounding Persona has been quite interesting, as there’s a variety of stories making the rounds. We’ve long been waiting for an announcement for the next mainline iteration of Persona, Persona 6, which has been quite absent. Even the 25th anniversary was surprisingly calm about the future of the franchise but there have been a variety of rumors making the rounds as of late in regards to the next numbered entry and a remake of Persona 3, which just recently got a remaster.

Now, it seems that Reseterra has become the source for any Persona rumor nowadays. It’s a surprisingly very selective environment that normally only allows things in that may have some truth to them. The latest comes by sharing a video of Nate the Hate, who has shared quite a few things in the past, and seemingly may have given us a tease of what’s to come.

Besides the already existing Persona 3 Remake rumor of appearing at the Xbox Showcase, he also seemingly stated that Persona 6 is going to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive moving forward. Atlus is seemingly embracing the next-gen console and it makes sense given the franchise generally has been a standard part of Sony’s line-up. Though, they state it might just be a limited release similar to Final Fantasy VII Remake, as we theorized with the P3 Remake rumors recently.

That’s not all, as he also seemingly states that they are eyeing a late 2024 release for the game. So, the set-up would be for the remake to hit multiple consoles sometime this year on all consoles but using Xbox as its main marketing source similar to the reveal of the previous remasters. It’s to highlight the step forward for the franchise and likely a hint that they will keep spinoffs or other adaptations for multiple console releases while the mainline series gets the PlayStation exclusivity.

Source: The Gamer, YouTube, Resetera

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