RUMOR: Owen Wilson Joins the Cast of ‘Deadpool 3’

deadpool 3

With Deadpool 3 now deeply entrenched in the pre-production process, casting and plot leaks and rumors are sure to become more prevalent. While nobody has an idea of what to expect from the upcoming film, the idea that it’ll somehow connect the Fox X-Men-verse to the MCU is a prevalent one amongst theorists. Now, an interesting bit of casting information might make that theory a little more believable.

According to insider Daniel RPK, Owen Wilson will reprise his role as TVA Agent Mobius in Deadpool 3. It would mark the character’s first cinematic debut after being a prominent member of the Disney+ Loki series. His addition would also imply that this storyline will lead Deadpool out of his original Fox X-Men universe into the main Marvel Cinematic Universe, as his role also changed in the finale of the series.

According to RPK, Wilson’s role is a fairly meaty one which would seem to make quite a bit of sense if Deadpool and Wolverine started any multiversal shenanigans over the course of the film. It’ll be interesting to see if this implies that the version of Wolverine we meet is even from the original universe or a new version altogether. Hopefully, whatever direction they go, he’ll get to finally wear the iconic yellow suit that he never was able to wear during his tenure as Logan in the 20th Century Fox films.

Source: Twitter

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