RUMOR: Pakistani Veteran Actress Samina Ahmed May Have Joined ‘Ms. Marvel’

Samina Ahmed ms marvel

A few days ago, The Times of India and India Today reported that Bollywood actor Farhan Akhtar had joined a Marvel project. He was filming the project in Bangkok, Thailand, which gave credence to it likely being Ms. Marvel. The Disney+ series has been continuing their production there as Red Dagger actor, Aramis Knight, was spotted a month ago. It looks like one more Eastern star will join the production.

Now, the Tribute has learned that the Waris actress Samina Ahmed (who is spelled as Ahmad in IMDb but covered as Ahmed in other outlets and on the Twitter handle @saminatv) is also making her Hollywood debut. They noticed a posting on Instagram where someone inquired where the actress was in a post by her husband, Manzar Sehbai. He revealed that she is shooting a Hollywood production in Thailand. She will most likely return by May 6th. It seems likely once you connect the dots that she is most likely also going to appear in the upcoming Ms. Marvel production.



Of course, there is no confirmation that the actress joined this specific production, as there is no word of it involving Marvel Studios. It just seems like an interesting coincidence that she is filming in Thailand in a Hollywood production. It seems unlikely that anything else is actively filming there for now. It’ll be interesting to see how the current shoots will also fit into the story that will be told in Ms. Marvel, which is still slated to release later this year.

Source: Tribune, IMDb

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