RUMOR: Shang-Chi Joining ‘FORTNITE’ to Celebrate the Film’s Premiere

fortnite shang chi

Fortnite has become the center of pop culture, as it includes a wide variety of DC, Marvel, Star Wars, and many more inspired skins. It looks like Marvel Studios is using the chance to promote their latest film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, as the titular hero will get skin in the game according to well-known Reddit leaker u/SmugMrMime. He also highlights it’ll release on September 2nd alongside the film’s premiere.

This news was also highlighted by @HYPEX who has an extensive history of sharing Fortnite-related leaks. There is no visual confirmation of his inclusion, but he does note that the Bad Boys skin of Will Smith‘s Mike Lowrey will release on August 28th. So, his timely release would be an indicator of Shang-Chi’s validity. As the Will Smith-inspired skin found its way online around a week ago, we’ll see if the same will happen with Shang-Chi.

It’s not uncommon for films to utilize other media to promote their projects. If there is any place to get a wide audience, it’s one of the most popular games currently available. It also has a wide range of players actively sharing their experiences online, which garners more attention. Plus, including Marvel Studios’ first Asian-American superhero and giving him more attention outside of the film is a great move.

Source: Reddit, Twitter, Twitter (Will Smith)

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