RUMOR: She-Hulk May Return in ‘Captain America’ Sequel

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Anthonie Mackie‘s Sam Wilson is about to face his biggest threat yet, as D23 came with the surprise announcement that Tim Blake Nelson is finally returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as The Leader in Captain America: New World Order. It’s definitely caught many off-guard that a Hulk-based villain would have a role in a Captain America sequel, but recent She-Hulk episodes have potentially started hinting at that development.

Still, it doesn’t mean they might have direct ties, or at least that was the case until rumors started making the rounds. It seems that Geeks Worldwide’s KC Walsh‘s reaction to a post by @WorldWarHulkNew hinting at She-Hulk would return in the upcoming Wilson-focused sequel, highlighting that he first reported it.

There is a chance that he is referring to the World War Hulk announcement, which he broke some time ago but it has been shared adding to the rumors. It seems they are hinting that the Captain America sequel will also act as a set-up for a World War Hulks adaptation but that project still hasn’t been officially announced. It could have one of the many empty spots on Marvel’s Phase 6 timeline.

Of course, the potential addition of Jennifer Walters in that film also continues the theories that The Leader may have a central role in the Disney+ series. There has been teasing of that character in the latest episode and it would be a fitting introduction that builds up his role in the MCU.

Source: Twitter via The Direct

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