RUMOR: ‘Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi’ Project Leaked Through Lucasfilm’s Employee Gift

star wars tales of the jedi

You never know what may get revealed in one form or another. Crew merch has always been a good indicator of what we can expect from a project. Well, it seems that a new employee gift from Lucasfilm has hinted at a rather curious addition. It seems that they may be working on a project inspired by the book series Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi.

The gift of a classic record player came in a box from Lucasfilm Ltd. It has the company’s logo on it alongside the various projects in development that include The Book of Boba Fett, Andor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Indiana Jones 5, and more.

What sticks out is that alongside Willow, The Bad Batch, and Visions, there’s a new logo for the before-mentioned project that has not officially been announced yet.

We’ll see if we get an announcement in the near future, but it’s a curious addition if this employee gift turns out to be real. If it’s included in this line-up it might hint at a project that is further in development than initially expected. Here’s hoping we find out more in the near future.

Source: Imgur

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