RUMOR: ‘Titans’ Season 4 May Feature Lex Luthor

titans lex luthor

Here’s a rather curious rumor making the rounds, as it seems that a new rumor might be pointing to Lex Luthor potentially joining the upcoming fourth season of Titans. The series is no stranger to using familiar faces from across DC history, but it had a habit of focusing primarily on its ties to Batman’s mythology. Well, it seems they are finally going to explore Superman a bit more, as The Illuminerdi has hinted that the show might be adding Lex Luthor in an unknown role.

His addition does make sense considering the show heavily features Superboy, whose DNA is a mix of Superman and the iconic DC villain. So, an eventual confrontation between the two would carry a lot of emotional weight. Their take on Scarecrow was a far departure from what people are used to. It isn’t the first time we’ve seen the character join a live-action DC show, as Jon Cryer recently brought the character to life.

It’s a bit confusing how exactly Titans approaches its various characters, as some big names have been kept in the shadows. The Joker wasn’t even truly featured on screen in the last season outside of his laugh and some hints as they adapted Death in the Family. We’ll see how they approach this big-name character in the upcoming season if he truly makes an appearance.

Source: Illuminerdi

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