Rumored ‘Thunderbolts’ Spinoff in the Works at Marvel Studios

Amid speculation that Marvel Studios would look to cut back on its output, a new rumor has emerged that the studio is developing a spinoff for an upcoming project that hasn’t begun production yet. According to insider Daniel RPK, Marvel Studios a Sentry-centric solo project, following the character who is rumored to be the villain of 2024’s Thunderbolts.

The new rumor is interesting in that the Sentry has yet to be officially revealed as the villain of Marvel Studio’s Thunderbolts. The rumors of Sentry’s appearance in Thunderbolts stem from a report that Marvel Studios was looking to cast an actor to play an “evil Superman” in the film. That report generated a couple of rounds of speculation about which of Marvel’s Superman analogs might make the best “evil” version, first with Hyperion and then Sentry. With Thunderbolts being a Super Soldier-heavy project already, Sentry’s comic book ties to the Super Soldier serum form the foundation of a fairly strong argument that he’d be the better choice of the two.

The latest rumor doesn’t indicate if the Sentry project, should it make its way out of development, would be a prequel or a sequel, though if the Marvel Studios adaptation of the character is anything like his comic book counterpart, he’ll be pretty tough to kill, especially for the group of characters who currently make up the Thunderbolts, so a sequel would not be off the table. Perhaps the development of a solo project could be used to help attract a big-name actor to the role who would be interested in signing on as more than just a one-off villain.

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