Sam Reid Describes Bringing Lestat to Life in ‘Interview with the Vampire’ as “A Gift”

AMC’s Interview with the Vampire debuted to high praise from critics, getting the studio’s Immortal Universe adaptation of Anne Rice’s works off to a great start. A common thread among the show’s supporters has been the work of Australian Sam Reid in bringing Lestat de Lioncourt, Rice’s primary protagonist throughout her Vampire Chronicles, to life. Though Reid is sharing the stage with Jacob Anderson’s Louis, who is equally brilliant, the actor has captured the enormity of Lestat’s personality, making it hard to ignore him on screen.

In an interview with, Reid discussed bringing the popular vampire to life. “It really is the most fun thing to do. I can’t tell you,” said Reid. “It’s so much fun because he’s so complicated a character.” The actor continued, pointing out how pleased he’s been being able to deliver dialogue lifted straight from Rice’s novels.

And it’s like a gift, the dialogue that we get to say is extraordinary. And it is so gratifying playing this character and, in this world, saying direct Anne Rice lines. It’s incredible, because when you read it, it’s very different to how it sounds in your mouth, I mean how it sounds in your head when you have to put the words in your mouth and you actually go, ‘Holy sh-t, these people speak like this.’ Because there’s a lot of exclamation points and there’s a lot of love. There’s a lot of very extreme emotions in the book that when you translate it, they remain extreme, but you also have to put them in a sense of reality as well, which is a bit of a minefield to navigate.

Sam Reid

Of course, Reid adds that portraying a vampire means looking the part, which he’s apparently enjoying as well saying, “So, it’s really, really fun. And the fangs are fun, and the contact lenses are fun, and everything is great.

If AMC’s plans for their Immortal Universe are as bold as expected, Reid will have the opportunity to have much more fun over the coming years and fans much more time to enjoy him.


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