Sam Worthington Teases Jake Sully’s Journey in ‘Avatar 2’

Avatar: The Way of Water is just around the corner and we’re anxiously waiting for our chance to see what director James Cameron has in store for us. We’ll see the return of franchise stars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang, and more on the big screen, as we venture out into Pandora one more time (and many more trips already planned for the future).

In the official press event for the Avatar sequel, Sam Worthington got a chance to tease the journey that Jake Sully will go on in Way of Water. The man gave up his humanity to live with the love of its life, Neytiri. Now that he has his newly found family, he’s going to have to face his biggest challenge yet: trying to keep them together.

Well I think in the first one, you know, he says it in the voice over: “‘Open your eyes.” I think he’s opened his eyes to love, and the love of culture, the love of the planet and the love of Neytiri. I think in this one it’s the natural extension of that, they have a family, and it’s, to be honest, about the protection of that love and that world and that culture. I always saw it as the simplest form, you know, and his, his partner in crime is a very fiery person. He just tries to be the earth, and we just happen to have a lot of water.

Sam Worthington

Avatar has always been about love at its core, especially with its environmental message having a strong focus. Now that we’re moving away from the forest, we’re going to see how a new environment affects Jake and his family’s normal life. The trailers also tease that a new conflict is on the horizon, which means that his journey isn’t going to be an easy one.

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