‘Scream’ to Eyeing a Franchise Record Opening With $40M Weekend

scream box office

It’s an understatement to say that Spider-Man: No Way Home has been dominating the box office worldwide. The film passed a billion in record time even as the pandemic is still an issue that might once again close down cinemas in select countries. Sing 2 was a surprisingly strong contender as a younger audience was once again able to visit cinemas, but it looks like a new contender is facing the Omicron head-on. January’s next major release will be the horror veteran Scream that continues the classic franchise and may highlight horror’s strong grip even during the pandemic.

The film is currently predicted to make $35M over four days with a more optimistic outlook even seeing git manage $40M. Canada will have some closures, but it’s unsure how much it’ll potentially affect its release. As such, the film could manage to pass the $100M mark. As of now, the film would break the franchise’s record, which is an exciting prospect. Sony’s delay of Morbius may become an advantage as the film won’t face any major new competition outside of the dominating existence that is No Way Home. It’ll be interesting to see what implications it might have going into 2022.

Source: IndieWire, ScreenRant

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