SDCC: First Look at Harvey Keitel’s Return to the ‘National Treasure’ Franchise

national treasure return

There’s been quite some excitement about what the future has in store with Disney+’s National Treasure spinoff. Many were sad that Nicolas Cage was not set to return in the series that has the subtitle Edge of History, but with a new generation of world adventurers looking for lost treasure, there’s always the chance they run across some familiar faces.

As it turns out, the San Diego Comic-Con panel for National Treasure has unveiled that Harvey Keitel will return to the franchise. That is not all, as Twitter user @DAPs_Magic has shared a screenshot from the panel that offers our first look at the actor returning to the franchise after all these years.

It’ll be interesting if they are starting to build up more cameos in future seasons. Cage is still the top choice to make a return and Keitel isn’t the only franchisee veteran to make a return, as Justin Bartha is also going to make his return from the original franchise. Disney+ has become focused on expanding its IP offerings beyond just Marvel and Star Wars, which still dominate its discourse. So, it’ll be interesting to see what surprises they might have in store for us.

Source: Twitter, SDCC

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