SDCC: Jim Lee Once Again Confirms There Are No Future Plans to Expand ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’

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San Diego Comic-Con becomes an opportunity for fans to interact with the people they look up to. It also gives us insight into the future plans of DC Comics, Warne Bros., Marvel Studios, and more. During a panel featuring DC’s Jim Lee, a fan got the chance to ask bout the future of the infamous Snyderverse that many fans hoped would form after HBO Max’s release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Lee had the following to say:

I work on the projects that are in development, right? So, I think the Snyder Cut was Zack’s vision realized and it was a really satisfying story told but there are no plans for additional work on that material.

Jim Lee

He did highlight that he was happy to support Zack Snyder‘s pitch for future entries that were showcased in an exclusive exhibit. So, for those that were hoping that Warner Bros. was secretly working on a Snyderverse sequel of some kind. His original vision for a potential trilogy will remain as a dream, and perhaps he’ll get a chance to release it in the form of a comic or book.

The thing that is worth noting is that the Snyderverse movement has been put under scrutiny due to bot usage to further spread its message. While many are discussing just what the data provided truly means, there’s a lot we don’t fully know bout the story. Perhaps it’ll find its way online at some point in the future, but for now the HBO Max special will remain as something special.

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