SDCC: ‘She-Hulk’ Director Reflects on Lessons Learned With the Disney+ Series CG

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There was a lot of discussion surrounding the CG work on She-Hulk when the first trailer dropped. During San Diego Comic-Con, we got another much more promising look that highlights the series’ overall humor and just how prominent we’ll see the CG version of Jennifer Walter’s alter-ego. After the panel, the director and the show’s creator Kat Coiro shared that there were definitely some growing pains with the series, especially with the prominence of a fully CG character.

This was unprecedented, you know, because [Marvel has] never made a TV show where the lead character is completely CG when she’s the title character. “…When we first started, we really didn’t have a plan or know how we were gonna do it. We just knew we were gonna do it and I just figured ‘Look, it’s Marvel, they know what they’re doing, they’re gonna figure it out. I’ll just let them do it. I’ll just write my little scripts.

Kat Coiro

It definitely was an undertaking and she did highlight that she’d likely tackle the series differently if she had another go around. She-Hulk is famous for always being hulked out and it’s likely that everyone wanted to take on the challenge head-on to stay true to the character. Of course, the effects work is still being worked on and is likely something that’ll still be in some form of development up until its release. There’s still some time until August 17th and we’ll see just how far the project comes together.

Source: YouTube via The Direct

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