‘She-Hulk’ Will See the Return of a ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Plotline

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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will be the first Marvel Cinematic Universe venture into the legal side of its own universe. While it’s mainly going to be a comedy focused on the popular Marvel comic character, it still offers the opportunity to explore a corner that has yet to truly be explored. We already saw laws set in the wake of superheroing going wrong, and it seems that it’ll make a comeback in the upcoming Disney+ series as revealed by She-Hulk‘s head writer Jessica Gao.

In an interview with The Direct during the series’ press tour, Gao revealed that we’ll see the return of the infamous Sokovia Accords. They were first enacted back in Captain America: Civil War due to the events that unfolded during a mission that went wrong for the group of Avengers. though the name is taken from Wanda Maximoff’s home country that was the focal point of Ultron’s plans in Age of Ultron. She reveals that we’ll find out what exactly happened to this legal paper at a later point in the season.

Yeah. Well, this show will answer the question of whatever happened to the Sokovia Accords. It’ll happen later in the season, but you will get an answer to what actually happened to the Accords.


It’s great to hear that they are bringing back this storyline and finally setting up what has happened to it. The Blip has taken over most of the discourse, but there were small hints at the existence of it still existing before the events of Avengers, especially with Steve Rogers still on the run. We’ll see just how it may be brought back and how it could potentially tie into the events of the series.

Source: The Direct

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